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It's been a year and it took me 2 or 3 days to make this perfect, but crappy mod


Andrew's Basics.zip 212 MB


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i kept downloading it but i never worked.



better look out I think idiots like you!

Here they come!

my discord account is ruined

and my username, OF COURSE i love WolfQuest ;)

P.S. my mom got it for me and im literally ADDICTED TO IT.

want the link?

umm... all i can tell you is try typing it in and the correct one would be the top link, and 1 more thing:  it comes from programs like Minnesota Zoo, eduweb, etc.

ok, let me get this straight, im a huge fan of baldis basics and now the bully's named after me!!??

THIS IS BIG MOUTH  HOW DID I KNOW ..... the names 

could be a good game but the fullscreen didnt work and my mouse wouldnt stop going to the bottom and opening apps and stuff 4/10 for poor fullscreen management

i still like it becuse its a cool mod



How do you play this game?

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i like the way how you used the musics